Ep. 132 – Andrew Lundquist, DPM, Chief Medical Officer/Inventor/AI Specialist

Hi Everyone, get ready for a glimpse of the future, fellow doctors! This episode is the episode that could potentially change your life, reducing stresses related to EHR, and extend your career doing the things you love to do – treat patients! Too good to be true? Listen in – advances in AI are impacting medicine in a positive way!

Dr.’s Jensen and Richey interview Dr. Andrew Lundquist from Mankato, MN. In his own words, “I am the Chief medical officer of a physician owned multi-specialty group (Mankato Clinic), the Chief Innovation Officer at Stratum Medical, and Clinic Director at Nabla.

I am a practicing podiatrist, have an MBA, cofounded a med device startup.

My goal is to empower the patient and clinican relationship. I can navigate some technology, but I still hand my phone or remote to my teenagers because I still need a lot of help.

I like to share my thoughts on things. See LinkedIn, Substack and Minnepod site”. Enjoy!