Ep. 125 – North Colorado Residency Program, Resident Dr.’s Yoakim, Frazier and Morlock

Dean’s Chat hosts, Dr. Jensen and Dr. Richey, are joined by Dr. Michelle Yoakim, Dr. Jusitn Frazier, and Dr. Callie Morlock to discuss their individual journeys in podiatric medicine, including their undergraduate experiences, how they discovered podiatric medicine, why they chose their respective colleges, and how they ended up at the residency program in Greeley, CO.  This episode provides valuable insights for prospective students interested in podiatric medicine and offers a glimpse into the residency program. 

They discuss the residency program, the variety of cases, the rotations, and the clerkship experience for future students. We also discuss Fellowship opportunities for Michelle and Callie. This episode provides valuable insights into the pathway of podiatric medicine, from college to residency. Tune in to learn more about the exciting careers of these podiatric medicine professionals. 

Dr. Jensen, Dr. Richey and the residents discuss the significance of structure and organization within the North Colorado program. They emphasize the importance of students knowing what to expect and where they will be, as it greatly enhances their learning experience. Students are encouraged to ask questions and improve their skills, fostering a culture of growth and development. 

They also discuss the importance of being teachable and having a strong knowledge base. They are impressed when students demonstrate their ability to absorb and apply the material they are taught, whether it be through radiographs or surgical procedures. They also appreciate when students show a willingness to dive deeper into their knowledge base by exploring the literature. They also value the effort put in by students to learn and understand, such as looking up information and seeking further clarification.  

The residents also emphasize the importance of work-life balance and quality of life in their profession. Although the profession can be demanding and involve long hours, it is possible to achieve a harmonious work-life balance.