Ep. 124 – Adam Bieker, DPM, Kent State/Podiatrist2Be/Innovator

Join Dean’s Chat host Dr. Jeffrey Jensen as he interviews new DPM graduate and Podiatrist2Be creator, Dr. Adam Bieker. Dr. Bieker is a 2024 graduate of the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine.  As a student, he recognized the challenges facing students during their educational journey and decided to do something about it! 

Adam is the creator and founder of https://podiatrist2be.com/ to help students navigate the externship/clerkship process in their 4th year of podiatric education. 

“The Podiatrist2Be Team was founded by a student inspired to fill the gap in information about externships in podiatry. The best advice was always “ask an upperclassman”. This was frustrating so we began working on the website as a solution to the world of externships doing just that. With peer review ratings you are able to better differentiate one program from the next. Your interest may lie in academia, wound care, rearfoot/forefoot mastery, hands-on/ hands-off training, private/group practice, or eventually leading onto fellowship but what GOOD is that without knowing which program may offer this to you? It is paramount to visit programs that best fit your desire; however you are limited with time, resource, and opportunity?!? Getting the MOST information prior to selecting ones externships is crucial”. 

Adam and I sat down to discuss his goals and motivation, and the challenges he is facing with “ranking” residency externship, and the anonymous feedback feature of his website. Tune in for an enlightening discussion of creativity and the ability to assist students on multiple fronts, including APMLE Boards!   

Adam’s motivation to start Podiatrist2Be stemmed from his own experiences as a student navigating the challenging process of selecting externships and residency programs. Recognizing the lack of comprehensive resources available, he saw an opportunity to fill a niche and provide a platform where students could access valuable information to guide their decisions. Through the website, students can access reviews, mock interviews, personal statement reviews, CV assessments, and board reviews, all aimed at helping them succeed in their podiatric careers.

The platform serves as a review format where peers, residents, and program directors can provide honest feedback about different residency programs. By offering insights into the programs where students will apply and rotate, Podiatrist2Be helps individuals make informed decisions about their future training and career paths.

The foundation of Podiatrist2Be reflects Adam’s commitment to spreading awareness about the podiatry profession. He believes that podiatry is often overshadowed by other medical fields and aims to elevate its status by increasing applicancy rates and attracting high-quality applicants. By advocating for the profession and engaging with high school and undergraduate students, Adam hopes to inspire more individuals to consider podiatry as a rewarding and impactful career choice.

Below are links for his Foundation and YouTube Channel:



Indeed, As Plato said, “Necessity is the Mother of invention” – kudos Dr. Bieker!  Enjoy this discussion and I’m sure we will be seeing Adam as a leader in the profession in the future!


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