Ep. 122 – PodPatrol Podcast – Dr. Jeff Dikis and Dr. Leland Jaffe, Educators/Podcasters

Join Dean’s Chat host Dr. Jeffrey Jensen as he interviews PodPatrol fellow podcasters, Dr. Jeff Dikis and Dr. Leland Jaffe.

They discuss the excitement of collaborating in the podcast world and the journey of starting a new podcast. Dr. Dikis and Dr. Jaffe share their experience of finding their way through podcasting, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the process. Tune in to learn more about their podcasting adventures and the fun they’re having along the way!

Dr. Jaffe shared insights about his podcast, Pod Patrol, which is still in its early stages, with evolving long-term goals. However, the primary focus remains on raising awareness about podiatry and delivering valuable educational content to listeners. Dr. Jensen also discussed his experience launching Dean’s Chat with a similar goal of promoting career awareness and connecting with students in the health professions.

Dr. Jaffe is no stranger to Dean’s Chat, Check out Episode 65! https://youtu.be/g9blCjuOgVs?si=EBWJLUkgiUARNiVr

Also, check out Dr. Jaffe’s website: https://higherlearninghub.com

A fun episode with the three of us representing the Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine, Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine and the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. Pod Patrol is a great addition to Podiatric Medicine’s podcast lineup!

“Listen to Pod Patrol, where two podiatric surgeons delve into the fascinating world of Podiatry alongside guests from various medical disciplines. Join us as we uncover intriguing patient cases, discuss cutting-edge techniques, and explore the latest advancements in Podiatry, Orthopedic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, and more.

Hosts Dr. Jeffrey Dikis and Dr. Leland Jaffe provide expert analysis, entertainment, and captivating storytelling. With a wealth of clinical experience, we dissect complex medical scenarios, sharing our insights and perspectives garnered from years of practice.”


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