Ep. 116 – Paul Kim, DPM, FACFAS Leader/Educator/Researcher

Dean’s Chat Co-hosts, Dr. Jeffrey Jensen and Dr. Johanna Richey are joined by Dr. Paul Kim, Medical Director at the University of Texas – Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Kim received his undergraduate degree from CU-Boulder and then went to the Kent State College of Podiatric Medicine. He completed his 3-year surgical residency at Inova Medical Center and also received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research Management. His career in academics has spanned from the Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine to Georgetown University School of Medicine prior to his UT-Southwestern position. His passion for surgery, research, and self-discovery is evident in this episode as we discuss life transitions, passion when to make a professional career move, and career fulfillment. Tune in for a fascinating conversation about podiatric medicine!

Dr. Paul Kim stresses the importance of defining success for oneself and remaining open to adjusting goals as one progresses and changes. He emphasizes the need to be flexible in defining success and to adapt to new circumstances and personal growth.

Dr. Kim shares his journey of setting and resetting goals throughout his career, noting how his goals and definition of success have shifted as he moved from residency to different academic centers. Dr. Kim discusses the significance of being realistic in goal-setting and understanding one’s limitations. He highlights the role of mentors in helping individuals recognize both strengths and limitations, guiding them toward achievable goals.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Richey discuss the concept of work-life balance and propose focusing on work-life alignment or harmony instead. Dr. Kim suggests that the pursuit of a perfect work-life balance is unrealistic and can lead to stress and anxiety. He suggests that the term “work-life balance” can create undue pressure on individuals to evenly distribute their time and energy between work and personal life.

Dr. Richey adds to this by emphasizing the importance of defining success and setting goals that align with core values and bring joy to life. She notes that the journey towards success is not linear and that definitions of success may evolve over time. 

The conversation between Dr. Kim and Dr. Richey highlights that work-life alignment or harmony may be a more practical and sustainable approach than striving for a perfect balance. By aligning actions with values and priorities at different life stages, individuals can adapt to shifting priorities and maintain flexibility.

A wonderful discussion – Enjoy!


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