Ep. 114 – Kristine Hoffman, DPM, FACFAS, Residency Director/Denver Health/ “Troutwoman”/Rock Climber

Dean’s Chat host, Dr. Jeffrey Jensen welcomes Dr. Kristine Hoffman to Dean’s Chat. Dr. Hoffman is currently the director of the Denver Health Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency Program, Chief of Podiatry, and an attending physician in the Department of Orthopedics at Denver Health Medical Center. Additionally, she is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Kristine is a Colorado native who received her Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She completed her Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in 2007. She returned to Colorado for her post-graduate training and completed her 3-year surgical residency at the North Colorado Medical Center Program based in Greeley, Colorado.

Following her post-graduate studies, Kristine joined a podiatry group in Boulder, Colorado where she worked from 2010 to 2016. She transitioned her career to academic medicine in 2016 when she joined Denver Health – a leading academic hospital, Colorado’s primary safety net hospital, and level-one trauma center.

Outside of podiatry, Kristine enjoys trail running and fly fishing. She is a four-time “Troutwoman” – having successfully completed this challenging event that involves running at least 26.2 miles with a minimum of 3000 feet of elevation gain and catching all 4 species of Colorado trout in under 12 hours. Kristine is currently the president of Running Rivers a nonprofit organization with the mission to conserve and restore native fish ecosystems by educating and inspiring recreationists to engage in conservation. She also has a long history of competitive rock climbing which enabled her to travel the world and compete. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband, daughter, 2 dogs, and 11 chickens.

Dr. Jeffrey Jensen chats with Dr. Kristine Hoffman and they reflect on her leadership roles and success in the field, highlighting the importance of training in shaping her career. Dr. Hoffman emphasizes the pride podiatrists should take in their work and the life-changing interventions they provide. 

Dr. Hoffman also discusses the diverse experiences and opportunities within podiatric medicine, citing cases at Denver Health ranging from severe infections to neurologic injuries. This showcases the wide range of conditions podiatrists can address. She also highlighted the collaborative training environment at Denver Health, where residents work alongside other specialties like general surgery, fostering strong relationships and mutual respect among healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, Dr. Hoffman’s involvement in the Running Rivers nonprofit organization demonstrates how podiatrists can extend their impact beyond clinical practice. By participating in events like the flyathlon, podiatrists can contribute to environmental and community initiatives, showcasing the multifaceted nature of the profession.

Dr. Hoffman’s experiences underscore the fulfilling aspects of podiatric medicine, from providing essential care to engaging in community-focused activities. Podiatry offers a unique blend of clinical challenges, professional growth, and opportunities to positively influence individuals’ lives, making it a rewarding and impactful career choice.



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