Ep. 113 – Thanh Dinh, DPM, FACFAS – Residency Director/Research/ACFAS Past President

Dean’s Chat hosts, Dr. Jensen, and Dr. Richey, interview a tremendous leader in podiatric medicine and surgery, Dr. Thanh Dinh.

Dr. Dinh is the Residency Director for the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Podiatric Surgical Residency. We discuss the residency program, teaching styles, giving valuable feedback to residents, and the clerkship experience.

She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery, at Harvard University. She has been involved extensively in research including NIH-funded research and industry-funded clinical trials. As President of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons in 2020-2021, Dr. Dinh provided valuable leadership and service to our profession during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Dr. Dinh shares insights about her impressive career as an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and residency director at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The conversation delves into the residency program at Beth Israel Deaconess, highlighting Tan’s passion for training future podiatrists. Tune in for an engaging discussion with these podiatric experts!

Dr. Jensen, Dr. Richey, and Dr. Dinh discuss how residency programs are essential in shaping the future of healthcare by training well-rounded physicians. Dr. Thanh Dinh emphasized the critical role of residency programs in training podiatric surgeons to excel not only in surgical skills but also in demonstrating care, talent, and a warm bedside manner. She stressed the importance of training physicians who are responsible members of the healthcare community, and capable of providing compassionate care to their patients.

Dr. Dinh’s approach to residency training focused on fostering curiosity and a willingness to question the status quo among residents. She encouraged residents to ask “why” and understand the reasoning behind their actions, rather than blindly following tradition. By creating an environment where residents are empowered to question and seek understanding, Dr. Dinh aimed to cultivate a sense of identity and purpose within the healthcare profession.

Moreover, Dr. Dinh highlighted the significance of providing feedback to residents in a constructive and supportive manner. She emphasized feedback as a valuable tool that can help residents grow and enhance their skills. By promoting reflection and open communication, residency programs can assist residents in developing not only their clinical competencies but also their emotional intelligence and patient-centered care.

Overall, the episode underscores the importance of residency programs in shaping well-rounded physicians who not only possess technical expertise but also demonstrate empathy, communication skills, and a commitment to patient care. By focusing on training physicians who are caring, talented, and have a warm bedside manner, residency programs can contribute to the development of healthcare professionals who are not only skilled clinicians but also compassionate caregivers.

A lifelong learner, she also enjoys time with her family and is an avid runner. Join us for a fun discussion with Dr. Thanh Dinh! Enjoy!


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