Ep. 109 – Matt Cobb, DPM and Haywan Chiu, DPM -Founders, Foot and Ankle Surgical Academy

Join us as Dean’s chat Co-hosts Drs. Jeff Jensen and Johanna Richey interview Dr. Matthew Cobb and Dr. Haywan Chiu, founders of the Foot and Ankle Surgical Academy. Dr. Cobb received his doctorate of podiatric medicine from the California School of Podiatric medicine with Samuel Merritt university in Oakland in 2005. He went on to complete his 3 year surgical residency training program with Kaiser Permanente’s San Francisco, Bay Area Foot and Ankle Residency program. Dr. Haywan Chiu received his undergraduate degree from University of California, Santa Cruz and did his doctorate of Podiatric medicine at Temple University. He completed his 3 year surgical residency program with DVA Palo Alto Podiatry residency program and Stanford University.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Dr. Cobb and Dr. Chiu (along with 2 of their colleagues) began recording their surgeries to share with their students and residents to facilitate distance learning. Their hope was to keep their residents engaged in learning surgical procedures even if they were not able to be physically present in the operating room due to pandemic restrictions/limitations. Listen as they describe their experiences with adaptability, flexibility and leaning into technology to help advance surgical education. We discuss how vulnerability can help broaden opportunities and break down barriers to quality education.

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