Ep. 108 – Randy Kaplan, DPM, APMAPAC/APMA HOD/Leader

Dean’s Chat hosts, Dr. Jeffrey Jensen and Dr. Johanna Richey are joined by Dr. Randy Kaplan from Detroit, Michigan. Rand, and his brothers, Gary and Dale, grew up “podiatry”, as their father Earl G. Kaplan drove the profession to unseen heights with his supporting cast! All three brothers went on to become podiatric physicians! Dr. Randy Kaplan’s daughter, Rachel Height-Kaplan, graduated from the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine in 2021, and is a 3rd generation podiatrist. This episode represents a “trip down memory lane” for the podiatric profession. From the early days of surgery, differentiating chiropody from podiatry, to the advancement of the profession onto hospital medical staff, this episode is fascinating. Examples: Podiatry getting onto Medicare (with a cigarette carton full of $$, opioid dispensing privileges, early weekend surgery courses at Civic Hospital (a converted home). The second half of this episode discusses advocacy, Dr. Kaplan’s role as APMAPAC Chair, and engaging our profession to embrace the needed financial support required to thrive in today’s political world. As Dr. Kaplan says, “you are either at the table or on the menu”…. The last 5 minutes is a short video on the career and life of Earl G. Kaplan!