Ep. 105 – Global Podiatry Summit Part 2 – World Leaders Advancing Podiatric Medicine

Hi Everyone – this 2nd episode of Dean’s Chat was “On Location”, from Reykjavic, Iceland.

Dr. Jeffrey Jensen attended the Global Podiatry Summit March 3-6, 2024, and conducted interviews that are spliced into this podcast. The meeting was a gathering of podiatrists from 31 countries, representing the International Federation of Podiatrists.

This episode has interviews with podiatrists from the USA, Italy, Germany, England, Canada and the UK.

Paul Monks from Germany said it best, “I love Podiatry, I love my profession!”

Dean’ Chat “on location” Part 2 has interviews with: 1) Lee Rogers, DPM, USA – Treasurer of the International Federation of Podiatrists: 2) Alessandra Pausania, Italy – Rome Faculties of Medicine/Podiatry; 3) Patrick DeHeer, DPM, USA, American Podiatric Medical Associaton, Board of Trustees; 4) Sunny Sajjad, DPM, USA, Fellow, UT Health San Antonio; 5) Penelope Kuehn – Germany, Private Practice; 6) Paul Monks, Germany; Private Practice 7) Barry Radivan, England; Private Practice; 8) William Chagares, DPM, USA, Past ABPM BOD; 9) Cyaandi Dove, DPM, USA, UT Health, San Antonio; 10) Emil Carrier, Canada, Private Practice; 11) David Wylie, UK, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow….from the bar!

Enjoy these short interviews and understand the current state of podiatry around the world!