Ep. 102 – Mark Hoffbauer, DPM Fellowship Director/Leader/Reader

Join Dean’s Chat hosts Drs. Jeffrey Jensen and Johanna Richey as they interview Dr. Mark Hoffbauer! Dr. Hoffbauer is currently the Fellowship director of the West Virginia University Wheeling Hospital Foot and Ankle Advanced Surgical Fellowship. Listen as they discuss the current landscape in Podiatric Fellowship programs and what a fellowship can offer. Dr. Hoffbauer graduated from Washington Jefferson College and completed his Podiatric Medical degree from The Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. He completed his 3 year surgical residency training program at West Penn and is a prolific surgeon in the profession. With over 250 publications and speaking engagements, his knowledge and expertise are built on a foundation of principles. He discusses the importance of humility and gratitude on our success and being willing to lean in to opportunities that present themselves. He talks about his international AO experience and the impact of mentors and how various experiences in his life helped prepare him for the next phase of the journey. This has shaped his role now in giving back to his community and professional organizations. Join us as we talk about “the game of life” and how our professional development is not the only key to living our best life. He discusses how we don’t always know how or when opportunities (or tragedies) will come our way, but how we respond in the moment can make all the difference. He also discusses the importance of kindness and that how we treat each other matters. Listen for his must read list near the end for additional insights on financial success and physician wellness.

Books: Richest Man in Babylon George Washingtons “The Rules of Civility”