Ep. 101 – Global Podiatry Summit Part 1 – Leaders from Israel, USA, France and England!

Hi Everyone – this episode of Dean’s Chat was “On Location”, back from Reykjavic, Iceland. Dr. Jensen had the opportunity to attend the Global Podiatry Summit March 3-6, 2024. The meeting was a gathering of podiatrists from 31 countries, representing the International Federation of Podiatrists, all with similar goals of advancing podiatry to help patients across the globe.

This Part 1 episode has interviews with:

Daniel Weisz, President, International Federation of Podiatrists, from Jerusalem, Israel; Dr. Matthew Garoufalis, Immediate Past President, from the USA; Christian Jerome, also a Past President, from France; Stuart Baird, Past Dean of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow from England; Robert Ashford, Professor Emeritus in Podiatry in the UK, from England.

Enjoy these short interviews and understand the current state of podiatry around the world!